Walking Ho Chi Min City, Digital Print, 80 x 150 cm, 2016

This body of work  was inspired by my experience in Ho Chi Min City, which I visited during my trip to Vietnam in 2015. 
There was a multitude of imagery but the electrical wires, hanging chaotically from the buildings and poles, caught my 
attention above all else. Back home, I printed the images of wires and began altering the images by drawing on 
them - adding additional lines and marks, masking some elements and enhancing others in order to address my 
feelings about the Ho Chi Min City.

I attempted to simplify the original images of the wires by removing the most literal elements of them and replacing 
them with gestural marks, making it more difficult for the viewers to distinguish the actual photo from my hand gestures. 
I provide the viewers a space for their own interpretation, leaving only some references and hints to the origins of the 
images. My work aims to reveal my spatial – visual experience of Ho Chi Min City.