Locale showcases the artwork of Emma Jolley, Monika Lukowska, Carly Lynch, Melanie McKee, Layli Rakhsha, Rachel Salmon-Lomas, and Gemma Weston. This exhibition takes an interdisciplinary printmaking approach to address concerns faced by contemporary artists in an era of increased mobility and development of place. The artists address several significant aspects of place through their work, and recognize that the experience of dislocation, relocation, change and memory of place is common to many. Via temporal and physical explorations of place, from the site-specific to unattainable sites, the artists have used printmaking as a means of returning to place.


1st International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017


TERMINUS in search of an (im)possible conclusion

TERMINUS in search of an (im)possible conclusion

Monika Lukowska & Melanie McKee
6 - 22 October 2016, Paper Mountain Gallery, Northbridge Perth

Having arrived here from elsewhere, both Melanie McKee and Monika Lukowska imagine Perth as a kind of terminus. Yet unlike Auge's contention that it is a generic 'non-place', they picture its unique characteristics as a location of affective and embodied sensibilities. Drawing upon their experiences of residing in differing locales, they render the paradoxical senses of dislocation and belonging as they try to become emplaced. Individually and in collaboration, they mobilise their artistic expertise to respond to the specificities of living here, in this place, as it tugs at their memories, emotions and desires. Thus this exhibition offers an appreciation of the affective dimensions of emplacement and the material conditions of knowing our place in the world through the practices of two women artists as they picture their (im)possible terminus.

 Dr. Ann Schilo  (excerpt from the catalouge essay) 

Immersed in coal II
Immersed in coal II, 2016, digital print, 68 x 143 cm


Szczecin in Close –Up. Points of view

Szczecin in Close –Up. Points of view. Exhibition in the Philharmonic Hall, Szczecin, Poland

The exhibition entitled Szczecin in Close-up is an attempt to have a close look at the
city and its presentation from a different perspective being an alternative to its postcard views and official history. Two prints by Monika Łukowska entitled Discovering Szczecin are the excellent realisation of this concept. In her works the artist reaches for the city landmarks: the National Museum, Pomeranian Landowners’ Palace and Transfostation of Art and the new Philharmonic Hall, Old Town Hall and Old Slaughterhouse. However, she only shows their silhouettes sharply contrasting with bright backgrounds – flat, grey forms devoid of details as if cut from old grey photographs. Łukowska also uses topographical symbols – lines referring to Szczecin streets and boundaries as well as text fragments overlapping building silhouettes. The achieved effect awakens associations with TV news snapshots and at the same time old historical documents. The prints by Łukowska are an attempt to capture the identity of Szczecin in the perspective of media, words and photos.

Wojciech Jakubczyk
PhD student at the Department of Art History, University of Łódź
Member of the Polish Philological Association